Welcome to Night of the Necrosuit – your bizarre bazaar, your marketplace for the macabre,
your gore store.

If you need something freaky, fiendish and fun, we extend a clammy gray, blood-spattered hand to welcome you. Here you will find unique Halloween and horror clothing, gifts, artwork and more, a lot of it handmade by people who share our passion for all things creepy and unsettling.

Whether you’re planning a party, decorating your house or looking for the perfect gory gift, Night of the Necrosuit offers the Halloween-inspired decorations and goods that will spin heads faster than Regan’s. Hopefully no one starts puking, though.

If you’re an artist interested in selling your work in our shop, please contact us. We are always interested in adding to our inventory and meeting fellow freaks. If you’re looking for something specific, drop us a line and tell us what your warped mind envisions. We’ll use your ideas and requests to build a gory collection that all of us can enjoy.